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Gefrees mit seinen im kirchlichen Verbände stehenden Umgebungen

Gefrees mit seinen im kirchlichen Verbände stehenden Umgebungen

Loosely translated (corrections welcome): Gefrees with his standing in the church associations environments …

Author / Editor: Ellrodt, Anton CD
Place, Publisher, Year: Bayreuth, Löreth, 1832
Signature: Bavar. 719 c

Written by Anton Christian David Ellrodt (29 Dec 1776 – 14 Apr 1831) Germany.

You can read the entire book on Google Books located at the link listed below.

Anton Christian David Ellrodt

Gerhard Ellrodt

Gerhard Ellrodt (* 8 July 1909 , † 14 February 1949 ) was a resistance fighter in Leipzig and a member of the official Communist Party which became the Socialist Unity Party of Germany after 1946.

Gerhardt Ellrodt was the son of the Independent and Communist Party politician Richard Frederick Ellrodt. He was a mechanic by trade and a typesetter. In 1927 he became a member of the KJVD (Communist Youth League of Germany). Later he joined the Communist Party in 1930.

After 1933, he took part in the illegal work and was a member of the resistance group in Leipzig led Georg Schumann; the German resistance fighter against the Nazi regime . In March 1945 Ellrodt fled the Gestapo custody and joined the anti-fascist and anti-Hitler forces – and opponents of the war located in districts and large areas of Leipzig, Germany. In the face of the advancing U.S. troops, the Leipzig resistance handed over the city of Leipzig on 19 April 1945 when the Americans moved in without a fight. They saw not only white flags on the houses, but also in the streets and squares were posters claiming a “Free Germany”, which helped for a peaceful hand over of the city.

Until the dissolution of the SED District Association in 1947, Ellrodt was its secretary for advertising, training and youth, then until his death, he was a member of the Secretariat of the SED state association of Saxony.


In Leipzig, Germany there is a street named Gerhard Ellrodt-street and a polytechnic school carry’s his name.


This information can be found at:

Elrod Land Grants Throughout America

Land Grants

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The Distribution of the Name “Ellrodt” in Germany (2008)


Pfarrbericht in neuer Form


Here is an article published 30 June 2012 in the Frankenpost where it mentions Gefrees can look back on two pastors that have shaped the city’s history. One, Anton Christian David Ellrodt, where a road and the new work of the Historical Forum are dedicated. He arrived in 1826 as a parish priest in Gefrees and began in 1829 with his parochial report (Gefrees mit seinen im kirchlichen Verbände stehenden Umgebungen or loosely translated (corrections welcome): Gefrees with his standing in the church associations environments. The other, Jacob Ellrod a Kulmbacher mathematician and scientist has a Gefrees full-day school named after him. From 1655 Jacob Ellrod worked as a pastor in Gefrees. He died in 1671. It is is German and will have to be translated with Google if you don’t read German.

USS Elrod FFG-55 US Navy Ship “Welcome Aboard” Pamphlet

USS Elrod FFG-55 US Navy ship Welcome Aboard pamphlet

USS Elrod Welcome Aboard

USS Elrod Welcome Aboard 2

USS Elrod Welcome Aboard 3

USS Elrod Welcome Aboard 4

Hey Elrod’s, do you recognize anyone?


Elrod Brother’s Photography in Louisville, Kentucky

This picture is of J. C. Elrod from the back of a photo taken by the Elrod Brother’s photography of Louisville, KY
This was taken by the Elrod Brother’s photography of Louisville, KY.  The photo is not an Elrod to my knowledge.
This was taken by W. L. Elrod of the Elrod Brother’s photography of Louisville, KY.  The photo is not an Elrod to my knowledge.

This was taken by Charlton H. Elrod of the Elrod Brother’s photography of Louisville, KY.  The photo is not an Elrod to my knowledge.
This was taken by W. L. Elrod of the Elrod Brother’s photography of Louisville, KY.  The photo is not an Elrod to my knowledge.

Thank You!

Thank you to Doris an Jack Rose for submitting their line from Adam Elrod (B. 1744) forward adding over 5,000 names to my Elrod Family Tree located at and on It is much appreciated!

Elrod Family of Watauga County, North Carolina

Here is some information on the Elrod Family of Watauga County, North Carolina. It is interesting that the author mentions the Elrod Family have coming from France

A History of Watauga County by JOHN PRESTON ARTHUR copyrighted in 1915

“Elrod Family. — The first of this family came from France to Pennsylvania and thence to Davie County, North Carolina. From this State they have spread out to Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and South Dakota, Henry C. Elrod having been governor of the latter State a few years since. Conrad Elrod was the father of William, and died near the present Reformed Church, on the Blue Ridge. He was buried in a hollowed out chestnut log. William married Elizabeth Lowrance, and their children were : Chaney, who married Robert Greene, father of Judge L. L. Greene ; Malinda, who married Asa Triplett ; Henry, who married Sarah Brookshire ; Alexander, who married Polly Shearer; Mary, who married Thomas Cook; Ann, who married Lot Greene; Hardin, who married Temperance Bradshaw; Rachel, who never married, and John, who married Elizabeth Brookshire. Henry Elrod moved to the Watts Farthing place when two years old, traveling over a trail, and having the household articles carried on pack horses for want of a road. He had two children, William and Louisa. William married Chaney Brookshire and Louisa married T. M. Cannon. William remembers that when he was eight years old, on September 27, 1856, there was a snow storm in Watauga County. He also remembers when a wagon was a rare sight in this section. He remembers when the buckhorn which had been nailed on the old oak tree on the old Jordan Council place showed through the bark, and when it was entirely covered by the bark. He saw this when he came to the old Musters before the Civil War. Top buggies were even rarer than wagons, and James W. Councill had what was probably the first in the county in the fifties. Henry Elrod was conscripted after he had moved in 1857 to the Flat Top Mountain, and taken to Camp \’ance, after which he was transferred to Camp Mast, where he was captured. He died in 1885. Alex Elrod was captured by Stoneman, but, pretending to have rheumatism, was allowed to escape.”

The full book of over 300 pages with other mentions of Elrod’s from that area can be found at the link below:

Its interesting that the author says the original Elrod came from France… There are several prominent Ellrodt’s from France.  One being the author Robert Ellrodt and the other a singer Genevieve Ellrodt who is alive today.

Watauga, North Carolina


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