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Hi there! My name is Michael Elrod. I’m a manager with he Army & Air Force Exchange Service at Hill AFB, Utah. I was born in Texas but raised in Arkansas. I am an Army veteran once stationed in Germany, California and Kentucky. After graduating college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR, I joined the company I am with now.

I am married and have two teenage boys, two dogs and a cat. My hobby is Genealogy of course and I spend most of my off time researching the Elrod Family. I have been researching for about 12 years now and dont see myself ever stopping. One thing about the Elrod family is they liked to have many children. I currently have over 55,000 names in the family tree and it grows by the day. I don’t ever see an end to it.

I hope to offer interesting information about the Elrod family to all who will take the time to look. I hope everyone reading will contribute their family tree. This is the only way we can keep growing the tree by leaps and bounds. If you want access to the tree, click on the Elrod Family Tree link on the right sidebar.

Have fun learning about the Elrod family and please share this site with your family.


Michael Elrod

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  • Michael Elrod:

    Hey Michael. I too am a Michael Elrod from Cartersville. GA. I am new to geneology and have not gotten too far on my family tree yet. What little ive been able to find is exiting . My family is from a little place called Pinelog Ga. Or
    all of them I know of. Before that I don’t know. I would love to see your family tree and any info you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and look foward to hearing from you.

    • Peggy S. Elrod Thompson:

      I have only recently begun to research the Elrod family. Thanks to you, many others, and my first cousin Jack Rose and his wife Doris, much digging has already uncovered so many interesting details. Jack’s mother Pearl and my father Johnnie Olen Elrod were children of Joseph Daniel Elrod and Cora Lida Wells Elrod of Grant County, Arkansas. So,I am directly descended from Johan Dider Elroot and related to you!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles. I remain curious about bits of gossip I have heard from relatives, including my father, about Jewish, Scot, and Charlemagne connections. Have you researched these areas? Again, thanks for your recording and sharing all that you have learned about the Elrods! Peggy Elrod Thompson (Maumelle, Arkansas)

      • admin:


        I have not run across any Jewish connections but there could certainly be a possibility. I have only seen German ancestry on the Elrod side in Germany. I can only go back to about 1600. I can not trace where the Elrod’s came from before that. I am sure there are people of Jewish descent that have married into individual lines throughout the Elrod family tree.


        • Tony Elrod:

          I grew up in MI about a hundred miles from Chicago when this Elrod was Sheriff of Cook County. Back then I read a newspaper article on him that stated he was Jewish. That’s not mentioned in the Wiki article below but the second address down shows awards from Jewish organizations. There’s your Jewish connection.


          • admin:

            His family was originally from Russia who changed their last name to Elrod to have a more American sounding name. They are not a true Elrod which were from Germany. I have yet to find a Jewish connection to the Elrod surnane but still looking…

          • admin:


            His father’s name was Author X Exelrod who changed his name to Elrod to shorten it and sound more American and non-jewish. See the article.



          • TERRY ELROD:

            Tony, the sheriff in Chicago i believe shortened his name to Elrod from Axelrod.

          • admin:

            He did change his name from Axelrod. That line of Elrod’s are not related to the Elrod family that came from Prussia. They were from Russia originally if I remember correctly.

        • Debra Elrod Leonard:

          Michael, I am Debra Elrod in Illinois. My father is Bobby Elrod, his father is Eugene Herbert Elrod, Eugene’s father is George Lee Elrod, George Lee’s father is Joel Elrod, Joel’s father is Abraham, Abraham’s father is also Abraham, Abraham’s father is Adam, Adam’s father is Christopher, Christopher’s father is John Teter Elrod, and John Teter’s father was Johan Deter Elrod. I am trying to connect how I am related to 2 other Elrod family members that I have recently met and connected with in Georgia and Ohio. One is Seth Elrod in Griffin Georgia, and the other is Shawn Elrod in Cincinnati Ohio. Any help on connecting this information to them? Thank you, Debbie Elrod Leonard

    • admin:


      Will you send me your father, grandfather and great grandfathers name on the Elrod side if you know them? I might be able to find your family in the tree.


  • Dale Parker:

    Hi Michael,
    I am doing some follow up on research my grandfather, who was an Elrod, did in the late 1980’s. He corresponded frequently with Dr. Parker Elrod in Tenn. and gleaned a lot of information. I know Johan Dieter Ellrod was my original ancestor that came to America but I am hoping to find exactly where in the Palantinate he was born or lived. My husband, who is from Germany, and I are traveling to Germany this summer. I’d love to find out if we will be near Johan’s birthplace. My husband is from Eislingin in Southwestern Germany in the state of Wurtzburg. Don’t know if you have come across any of this information.

    • admin:


      Throughout the site there are posts showing different parts of Germany where the Elrod’s were and how they were involved with that location. Some particular places are Kulmbach, Gefrees, Neudrossenfeld, Bayreuth, the grave of the Noble Colonel Friedrich Wilhelm von Ellrodt is located in Frankfurt and in Regensburg, Germany Jacob Ellrod II presented his “Mittel-Kalendar” to the Imperial Diet. There are other places also…


  • Steven Elrod:

    Really great site.

    Steven S. Elrod
    Chief Warrant Officer 2, U.S. Army, MP Corps

  • Lillian Riptoe:

    When did the Riptoe link come into the family tree

    • admin:

      Rippetoe is on my personal tree on my mothers side. They would not be related unless you are in my personal family.

  • Katie Elrod:

    Great site! Thanks!

  • Donna Renfro Morris:

    I am a direct descendant of Johan Deiter Elrod through his son Christopher Sr., son Christoper Jr., son David, son Wiley Christopher, son Robert Henry, daughter Lucy Ethel (my grandmother). I corresponded with Dr. Parker Elrod before he died. We have made several trips to N.C. to see the graveyards and buildings in Old Salem, as well as Bethabara. I have been doing genealogy research for more than 25 years. Your Elrod pictures are wonderful! and love your website.

    • admin:

      Thank you Donna. I appreciate the kind words. If you would like to contribute any information or photos found during your research, please feel free to contact me at:

    • Roger:


      I came across a post of yours from 2002 with a great deal of Renfro family information. I would love to see if you might have information on a Hester Ann (Renfro) Hall b. 1795. I believe she may have been a sister of David Lawson Renfro who shows up in your post.

      I can be reached at rhg910
      and would love to hear from you.



  • Aimee Burpee:

    Afternoon! I just discovered this website today — outstanding. I believe I am an Elrod descendant via Christopher and Aaltje’s daughter Catherine, who married John Wainscott, then their daughter Catherine Athalia Wainscott, and on down to my great-great grandmother Ida May Holbrook (daughter of Delilah Huls). That is, if my research is right. 😉 I’m hoping I can get access to the Family Tree on this site. Thanks much, and well done!!

  • Stacey Leigh Roberts:

    Hi, I stumbled upon this site and am hoping that it is still being managed. My family tree of Elrod’s is somewhat disconnected and I would love help putting some of the pieces together. My father was Ernest Clyde Elrod the second. We are Texas natives, but my grandfather I believe lived in the North Eastern part of the United States for a time. I know that I have a great great grandmother who was Cherokee Indian. I only have a bit of information about my father’s family that my Dad shared with me verbally. Any information would be so wonderful!!!

  • Alisha Dawn Elrod:

    Hello Micheal,
    This is such a wonderful find for my family.
    My father is Marion David Elrod iii. My grandfather is Marion David Elrod Jr. Born in Anderson county South Carolina. I grew up in Wyoming and had never heard of any other people with my last name,ever.
    So I began my journey with genealogy.
    Thank you so much for the knowledge of the Elrod linage.
    Alisha D. Elrod

  • Alisha J. Elrod-Wagner:

    I am soooooo happy to have found this website, as I’ve had had a very difficult time finding anything past my 2x Great-Grandparents on the Elrod side. Any help in continuing my efforts, would be immensely appreciated!!!! My 2x Great Grandfather is Logan Stanton Elrod, born on 18 December 1852, in White County, TN and died on 17 March, 1919, in DeKalb County, AL. He was married to Amanda Jane Patterson in about 1872. I am related to him via… his son, Alexander Dallas Elrod (13 Aug 1884 Athens, AL – 18 Feb 1937, Lepanto, AR), via his son Waymon Cleo Elrod (19 Mar 1907 – 20 Apr 1994, Portageville, MO), via my Father, James Leo Elrod (8 Sep 1939, Lepanto, AR – 19 Mar 2011, Fort Wayne, IN). Again, if you have any additional imfoatiom to link me to more of my family tree, it would be really appreciated!

    • admin:

      I lived in Joiner for many years before moving to West Memphis. I am related to the Elrod’s in Bassett.

      • Alisha J. Elrod-Wagner:

        Thanks for replying. Joiner is less than 30 minutes from where my Dad was born and an hour from where my Grandfather Cleo Elrod moved the family to… Portageville, MO – where most of the family remains. So do you share any of my ancestors? Would love to know how we’re related. I’m having a very difficult time finding any free legitimate sources on the Elrod side to trace mine further than 4 generations and was hoping this site would approve me, to see if I could find more information and unlock even more.

        • admin:

          If you send me your fathers name and their fathers as far back as you can remember, I can try to find some information for you.

    • Kathy Robertson:

      My gene. go back to Logan Stanton Elrod…he is in census
      living with Hannah Elrod in white county Tennessee. Do you know who Logans parents where and is Elrod Hannahs
      married name.

  • Brian Mack Elrod:

    Enjoying looking over your site. Trying to determine if this is the same lineage as mine. I am originally from North East Alabama. I know my side as far back as my Great Great Great Grandfather (William Harrison Elrod). A large number of my ancestors are buried in Gibbs Chapel Cemetery in Blount County, AL. I believe at some point they migrated there from North Georgia. Any ideas?

  • Debbie Riley:

    I have a picture of what I believe is my GG Grandfather that was taken by the Elrods. Etched in the bottom of the picture is Charlton W Elrod & Bros. 313 West Jefferson, Louisville , KY.

    Can you tell me the years that this photography business was around? That would give me a time frame for the picture…..

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Debbie Riley

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