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Elrod Family Timeline

Check out the new timeline of the Elrod Family at the link below. Let me know what you think! Share with your family if you are interested please.  —> Elrod Timeline




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  • Linda Elrod:

    Thank you so much for the exhaustive research and organized information presented here. I must tell you that in 2007, I visited Germany on business, not knowing of my ties to the area. Much to my amazement, I fell absolutely in love with the country, especially Bavaria and Heidelberg, which drew me back again. Now I know why I love it so, and I hope my children can visit some day. Oddly, over 40 years ago, my husband and I tried to transfer to North Carolina, which I found to be beautiful, yet we were assigned to Charleston, South Carolina instead. Now, guess where we live. 35 minutes from Philadelphia and one hour from Lancaster, PA. There is still in the city of Philadelphia, a Germantown area that is quite popular. Thank you again.

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