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Jacob Ellrod II and Weissenstadt, Deutschland



Photo shown above is the city of Weißenstadt, Deutschland (White City, Germany) and its location within Germany.

Weißenstadt is a town in the district of Wunsiedel, in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the shore of the picturesque Weißenstadter (Weissenstadt Lake), in the Fichtelgebirge Mountains, on the river Eger, 11 km northwest of Wunsiedel. The town got its name “White City” from the landmark church, once white now weathered dark grey.

Jacob Ellrod II was born on 07 Nov 1601 in Kulmbach. His studies led him to the University of Altdorf (near Nuremberg). His main course was the theological, but he was also interested in mathematics and astronomy.

The first place he served was as Deacon (something similar to a local priest) in Weißenstadt (the White City) in the year 1633 by the year 1634, he was serving as Deacon in Wunsiedel, Germany.

In the year 1654 Jacob Ellrod II was appointed the Parish Priest in Gefreeser, Deutschland (Gefrees, Germany).

A short time later Jacob Ellrod II presented his unified calendar at the Diet of Regensburg. The so called “Middle Calendar” was completed in 1659. For his masterpiece Jacob Ellrod received a gold chain from the grace of the Emperor Leopold.

On 28 Jul 1671 Ellrod Jacob II died in Gefreeser, Deutschland (Gefrees, Germany).

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