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Elrod DNA


Here is my Haplogroup which should be the same for all Elrod males’s in America if they originated from the first Elrod, Johan Ellrod. This shows the migration map from Africa to other parts of the world. All of the different Haplogroups begin in one region in Africa.

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  • Lewis Franklin Elrod:


    I am very pleased to locate your web site. My father was Thomas Paul Elrod and I have one brother, Thomas Jr.
    We grew up, and I live, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I am retired from the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance as head of the Fraud Unit.

    I can be found at where it will be seen that I am a past president of the national organization. Also with the Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History we are starting in Murfreesboro.

    I look forward to hearing from you and will search for any info I can locate on my ancestors.


  • A. Lewis Harrison:

    Did your Grandparents raise Tennessee Walking horses?

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