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Hofmann & Ellrodt

Hofmann and Ellrodt 1919

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hofmann and Ellrodt

The ad above for Hofmann & Ellrodt appeared in the American Wool and Cotton Reporter, March 1919.

Hofmann & Ellrodt were Florenz F. Hofmann (1838-191?) and Christian Ellrodt (1829-?) whose “trimmings” business at 91 Mercer St. in 1890 moved to 109 Spring St. around 1900. Both men were immigrants from Germany and both appear in the US Census of 1900, Ellrodt living in Brooklyn and Hofmann on E. 65th St. Christian Ellrodt immigrated to the US in 1852 and served 2 enlistments in the Union army in the Civil War (July 1861 to Sept. 1862, and again from Aug. 1864 to July 1865). The business arrived at 16 W. 22nd St. in 1916. By this time the original partners had disappeared. The last listing connecting Ellrodt with the business is in 1909. He appears in the US Census of 1910, a widower, age 82, still living in Brooklyn, but giving occupation as “none.” Hofmann died before 1920: his widow Emma appears in the US Census of 1920, still living with son, Emil, at the family homestead on E. 65th St. The next generation of Hofmanns now assumed control of the business, in the persons of Bernard H. Hofmann (ca.1861-?), Florenz L. B. Hofmann (1869-?), and Emil H. Hofmann (1872-?). Florenz and Emil were the sons of the original Florenz F. Hofmann. Bernard was possibly a nephew.

Emil H. Hofmann was also president of Hofmann Mfg. Co., 9-11 Maiden Lane (approx. 1910-1920), which dealt in novelties and surgical instruments.

The company’s entry in New York’s Great Industries, 1884, begins: “Hofmann & Ellrodt, Manufacturers of Cloak and Millinery Trimmings, No. 91 Mercer Street. – Messrs. Hofmann and Ellrodt succeeded the old firm of F. Hofmann, which became established in New York as far back as twenty years ago. This eminent house are manufacturers of cloak and millinery trimmings, braids, cords and tassels of every description.”

Hofmann & Ellrodt left 16 W. 22nd St. in 1919, moving downtown to 39 E. 12th St. In the late 1920s the company name changed to Hofmann & Leavy. Leavy was Edward Theodore Leavy (1894-1979), born Manchester, England, immigrated 1895, naturalized 1918. Leavy was a salesman for Hofmann & Ellrodt when he registered for the World War I draft in 1917. He appears in the 1920 US Census, living in Brooklyn with his wife Esther and daughter Doris, and giving his occupation as Traveling Salesman. In 1930 occupation is given as “Manufacturer Trimmings.” As Hofmann & Leavy the business continued at 39 E. 12th St. and then 826 Broadway (at the corner of 12th St.) until 1988. An ad from 1971 at this address boasts that the company was in its 102nd year!


In August 2007 Hofmann & Leavy were located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Visit their website at The company is now 134 years old!

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