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Jacob-Ellrod Realschule

Named after Jacob Ellrod II (creator of the middle calendar we all use today) and the son of the original Jacob Ellrod from Kulmbach, Germany, The Jacob-Ellrod Realschule is a Lutheran “all-day” school as it is called in German with approximately 375 students. It is called an “all-day” school because students go to school from 7:50 AM to 4:00 PM, and this is considerably longer than the average German school which gets out at 1:00 PM. Students have a long one and a half hour break for lunch in which they may participate in many activities and games to divert their attention from their demanding school schedule. Because the school day is so long, teachers are not allowed to assign written homework to the students. All students must be able to accomplish their work during the time they are at school. There are ten periods a day but the students’ average day is about seven periods.

The Jacob Ellrod Realschule website can be found at:

Jacob Ellrod Realschule

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