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  • Re: Elrod in Mississippi County Arkansas
    My name is michael Elrod. I grew up in joiner. My grandfather was Roy Elrod whose father was John Franklin Elrod, the brother of Robert Lee Elrod. I have a blog here: http://elrodfamilyhistory.com/I also have a family tree located here with all of that info in it: http://www.elrodfamilyhistory.com/2862elrod_1/tngfiles911/in...
  • Re: Elrod in Mississippi County Arkansas
    My name is Amber Elrod Stewart. I am the great grandaughter of Hobson Elrod, Sr. I would like very much for you to contact me as I am currently working on my geneology and cannot find any records past Robert Lee Elrod (father of Elvin and Hobson). If you have any information you would like […]
  • Re: My great gradnfather Charlie Lee Elrod
    My Name is Harry Lee Hedgecock, My fathers name is Harry Lee Elrod, my mothers name Is Marielle Hedgecock. My mother never married my father because he was already married when she got pregnant with me, so I got her name, and she moved to Homestead Fl. and raised me and my brother as a […]
  • Re: My great gradnfather Charlie Lee Elrod
    Your brother Harry Lee Elrod, yes, had firstborn son John H. N. Elrod, in 1949, in Fort Monroe, Virginia, and pretty soon second child, daughter Juliana Tatiana Elrod (died in 1993 in New York). Both children from his first wife Thea Elrod, who came to USA from Trieste, Italy in 1948 on a ship while […]
  • Re: Elrods in TN & MO
    Well, I finally have something to add to the mystery of Issac Elrod's Native American (NA) Ancestry. For my recent birthday, my wife got me DNA analysis through "23 and Me." The results put my NA DNA contribution 0.8%. Since Isaac was my gg-grandfather, and assuming he is my only NA contributor, then he would […]
  • Elrod family history
    Elrod family from tenn, my , In. Will get more info and pass along .
  • Re: Maxine V Elrod
    I am now thinking Maxine was Carl Cornell's daughter from a first marriage. Maxine Cornell. In 1940 her Mother had remarried and the children had the last name of Allison (even though they were listed as Step-children). Not sure if they were legally adopted or not. Her name then would have been Maxine Allison. Still […]
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    Aj,I am the youngest son of John Allen Hawn Sr. Nellie Clark (Hawn) was my dad's sister. I'd happily share what I know....jlphawn@gmail.com
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    I realize this is in response to a rather old post, however, I am trying to obtain any information known regarding the parents of Elizabeth McPherson Elrod.Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at:jlphawn@gmail.comJoachim Hawn

Medal of Honor Recipient Henry Talmage Elrod

The Ship’s Plaque of the U.S.S. ELROD

“The Headpots of Northeast Arkansas and Southern Pemiscot County, Missouri By James F. Cherry”


In the book “The Headpots of Northeast Arkansas and Southern Pemiscot County, Missouri By James F. Cherry”, it mentions the the local digger Hobson Elrod (1900-1964), his brothers Elvin and Walter and his father Robert Lee Elrod as finding several of the vessels shown in the book. Click on the link to see parts of the book on Google Books along with images of the Indian pots they found. I remember by Uncle on the Austin side of the family going out looking for the Indian pots when I was a boy. He took me along on one his probing trips. He use to find arrowheads and pots and had several on display in his china cabinet.

Philipp Andreas Graf v. Ellrodt Medal Engraving

Philipp Andreas Ellrodt (1763 Count) from Reipoldskirchen

Shown here is an image made from an original engraving created by the sculptor Johann Sebastian Leitner. Leitner created the medal with the image of Philipp Andreas Graf v. Ellrodt.

Neudrossenfeld, Germany Crest and the Ellrodt’s

1Von Ellrodt

Did you know? On the current crest of the city of Neudrossenfeld, Germany is elements of the lord Ellrodt’s crest. The Golden Lion on a blue background represents the time that Count Philipp Andreas von Ellrodt ruled the Neudrossenfeld Manor in the 1700’s.

Schloss Restaurant Neudrossenfeld

Here is the link to the website of the restaurant located in Neudrossenfeld, Germany in the castle once owned by the Imperial Count Philipp Andreas Graf von Ellrodt. Click on the link and look at the beautiful interior as it looks today. http://schloss-neudrossenfeld.de/


Does pleasant and Elrod go together?

Does pleasant and Elrod go together? I think so! This is from The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland 16 Apr 1961)


Wake Island Heroes Named

This article is from the Cumberland Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland) on 10 March 1942. This was 28 days after the Navy listed them as presumed prisoners of war.

Capture 2

Navy Lists Jap Prisoners

This clip is from “The Capital” newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland on 19 Feb 1942. It was not know at the time that the inhabitants of the tiny Wake Island fought for their lives and died trying. Henry Talmage “Hammerin’ Hank” Elrod died almost two months prior defending the island ultimately earning him the Medal of Honor.

Henry Talmage “Hammerin’ Hank” Elrod

(September 27, 1905–December 23, 1941) was a Marine Corps aviator. He was the first aviator to receive the Medal of Honor during World War II, for his heroism in the defense of Wake Island. On December 4, 1941, Captain Elrod flew to Wake Island with twelve aircraft, twelve pilots, and the ground crew of Major Paul Putnam’s fighter squadron,VMF-211. Hostilities in the air over Wake Island commenced on December 8, 1941. On December 12, he single-handedly attacked a flight of 22 enemy planes and shot down two. He executed several low-altitude bombing and strafing runs on enemy ships; during one of these attacks, he became the first man to sink a warship, the Japanese destroyer Kisaragi, with small caliber bombs delivered from a fighter aircraft.

When all the U.S. aircraft had been destroyed by hostile fire, he organized remaining troops into a beach defense unit which repulsed repeated Japanese attacks. On December 23, 1941, Captain Elrod was mortally wounded while protecting his men who were carrying ammunition to a gun emplacement. Courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_T._Elrod



Lost and Found

Did someone lose a horse? The article was published on 25 Nov 1786 in the Pittsburgh, PA Gazette by Teter Elrod (John Teter Elrod who was the son of Johan Elrod, first Elrod in America). The article is describing a mare who wondered onto his land and asking for someone to claim it. He lived in Rostraver Township, PA at the time.

Teter Elrod Article


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